SKY I.M.U was established in 2010 with the aim of providing advanced maintenance services to organizations operating in complex technological environments, with multiple components, that combine program systems and hardware together.

The company was built on the basis of knowledge and large experience in a variety of program and hardware fields, with proven successes in leading projects and organizations in Israel. The knowledge, working regulations and experience accumulated over the years, allows us to provide with unique maintenance system services, that include all the aspects connected to hardware and program. 

Our guiding principle is:

  • Provide our clients with “peace of mind”, by trustworthy maintenance of the organization's critical systems and high availability of our staff, anywhere, around the clock.

  • To be the “Elite unit” of the client for carrying out various tasks of installation, maintenance and upgrading of systems.

  • By operating experts from different fields (programming, electricity, IT, communication, technicians….) and with the experience and knowledge accumulated in years of working in the field.

All the knowledge, experience and our long lasting acquaintance with different providers on the market are at your disposal.