Refrigeration control and management, from anywhere at any time

A cloud based system that connect and collect data from various remote plants -  and allows management and control of remote refrigeration units.
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The system was built after year of experience in establishment/ management/ maintenance of refrigeration units and systems. With the vision of recruiting the modern technology for the field of refrigeration controllers for energy saving, preventing of malfunctions and shut downs, data analysis, improvement of control rooms etc.
Comfortable and efficient interface
Allows rapid and efficient management and control of the refrigeration units, regardless of the meat type or the batch manufacturer. 
Available from anywhere
A cloud based system, available at all times from any device with internet connection.
Data from all types of controllers
The system supports a variety of controllers and refrigeration system producers and can easily connect to any new controller.
Proven experience

The system is based on knowledge acquired over year of experience both in the industry of refrigeration and air conditioning and in the technologies of information and database. 

The system has been active and providing service to clients for over 3 years.

למי זה מתאים

Whom it fits
  • Remote examination of various controllers, with no need of arriving to the branch/client.

  • Complete control of all the controller parameters, including parameter changes, rebooting, etc.

  • Data analysis, for the prevention of malfunctions before their occurrence.

  • The possibility of establishing a “control room” for monitoring and control of refrigeration units.

  • Building and operating energy saving programs.

  • Supports a variety of controllers, able to connect and interface with all controller types.

  • Merging of all controller types, parameters and notifications received by them, into one comfortable system.

  • Frequent backup for all the system’s data.

  • Saving history data and producing various reports.

  • Producing reports for the ministry of health.

  • Maintenance and monitoring of energy saving programs.

  • Receiving of notification on malfunctions in real time.

  • Tracking and control over technicians and the way of malfunctions treatment.

  • Producing graphs and reports for every component in the system.

  • Access permission system, for controlling on who can see/edit data.

  • Management of “control room” for the entire components of the business.

  • Saving history data for investigation and improvement purposes. 

  • No need in buying computers, available in any device with internet connection.