Now anyone can manage a control room

With the help of the system it is possible to provide remote control 24 hours a day.
The system is designated for refrigeration technicians and engineers serving a number of clients. The system allows the receiving of notifications in real time, viewing of data from anywhere at any time and if necessary the logging in to a refrigerator in for repairing/changes. 

Elevates the level of service and the products offered to the client.

Promotes the improvement of the business’ reputation.

Receive notifications online while they occur. Allows a fast response and quality treatmen.

Sends SMS to the technician/client.

The system was designed so that it would support an easy activation of the refrigeration control rooms.


The comfortable concentration of all data in one screen.


An easy connection to any refrigerator of any type, without the need of passwords, IP addresses, etc.


Managing of client database, contact lists and recipients.

Complete documentation and malfunction history saving, etc. 

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