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Field installations

Carrying out installations, from the moment of preparing the infrastructure to the point of final activation, of specific components and of entire systems, even in places with complicated accessibility or conditions.

  • Preliminary actions: drilling, concreting poles, electric infrastructure.

  • Safety authorizations and strict safety standards.

  • Electrical installments, lighting, video systems, wireless systems, sensors, communication control etc.

  • Field work: roadway, construction sites, halls, shopping centers, production factories, remote sites, electrical and communication boxes etc.


Work at height

Carrying out a variety of work at height by trained staff.

  • Professional experience in the field.

  • Working at heights authorization, usages of variable lifting tools and cranes.

  • Electricity work at height.


Electricity installations

The installation of electrical components and infrastructure by authorized electricians.


  • Set up of electricity cabinets. 

  • Carrying out electrical work in complex projects and systems.

  • Carrying out electricity programs.

  • Testing electricity network and electricity cabinets, for identification of possible malfunctions.

  • Smart and energy saving lighting systems.

Multiple component installations

Installation of a variety of components into a one unified efficient system.

  • Assembling and connecting all the parts of the required system.

  • Internal communications between all parts. 

  • Autonomic working parts in case of need or as part of the system.

Video systems / cameras
Full or partial video system, including a number of means for filming and recording, that include the options of viewing, investigation and backing up data recorded. 
  • Installation of cameras and media storage systems.

  • Communication and video cables.

  • A media viewing program.

  • Saving and backup of recorded media.

  • Means for investigation of saved data.

  • Means of testing the system’s components.

Computer systems installations

Installation of computer based systems with all its parts, specifically ensuring proper function of all parts of the system side by side.

  • Servers.

  • Work stations.

  • Communication.