A technological system must work like a clock.

We are responsible for the systems to keep ticking!
Staffed support center 24/7

The company operates a 24/7 support and service center.

The support center also receives notifications and performs initiated surveillance on projects that are in maintenance agreements, as well as provides first and immediate response in any case of malfunction / problem.

  • High availability… around the clock.

  • Remote inspection and control using a control center staffed around the clock. 

  • Tracking of system data collected from the field.

  • Immediate update in case of a malfunction.

  • Assistance in solving any problem as it occurs.

  • Sending a technical support team equipped with all the necessary equipment for solving the identified malfunction. 


End sites maintenance

Detailed maintenance services to remote end sites, that include the needed manpower and equipment for any malfunction/mission.

  • Preventive maintenance and repairing maintenance for different sites, including the most remote ones.

  • Usage of communication for the surveillance of remote sites.

  • A vast experience and strong abilities in field work, in field conditions, while finding rapid solutions to any arising problem.

 system maintenance

Maintenance and control of a variety of technological systems, for different uses and in variable sizes.

The goal is to ensure the proper function of the systems in the most efficient way in any given time


  • Definition and implementation of maintenance and control processes in the organization. And in the technical systems particularly.

  • Tools for monitoring and identifying malfunctions and delivering notifications to the operator in times of need.

Professionals: network managers, licensed electricians, technicians, SQL managers, IT etc.

The company operates in a variety of fields, and therefore employs a range of professionals, and together they complete an array of credible and professional knowledge, with large experience stretching over many fields. 

From computer technicians to programmers, database managers (DBA) and network managers and authorised electricians, system, control and electronics engineers and up to data system and computer system consultants.

Inventory management 

As part of the maintenance idea and as part of preventive maintenance services, we also provide the option of inventory management and storeroom management. All end sites, the components in the field or the spare parts in the storeroom are under supervision and control at all times.


  • Inventory supervision.

  • Spare parts inventory, purchase policy and minimum levels management.

  • Specific control in the level of the item.

  • Tracking of history and inventory movement.

​Allows a high level of components and working systems’ availability, and improves the quality of maintenance.