Need to upgrade? leave it to SKY!

Providing an answer to all your technological needs, in an easy and efficient way.

Development of program components for supporting and updating existing functions in the organizational systems. 

Proven knowledge and experience in a variety of development languages and program protocols, allowing us to provide technological tool for the easy combination between the program components and the organization hardware.

  • Development, establishment and maintenance of databases. Broad knowledge of SQL.

  • Development in Microsoft environment ( and in JAVA environment..

  • Virtualization, Cloud services.

  • Web systems, smartphone accessibility, SMS.

  • Various experience with program components and program processes, well functioning for years with our clients.


Updating work /

Sometimes a small change can make a big difference.

  • Combination and integration between the systems in the organization.

  • Specific upgrades- IT servers, data centers, end stations and components, lane controllers…

  • Knowledge and experience with new technologies, broad exposure to updated technology and tools in the market.

Management, transport and planning projects for system updating

Multi-system technical knowledge, in a variety of fields allowing us to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary for planning, characterizing, managing and fulfilling of technological systems’ upgrading projects.

  • Characterizing the upgrading  goals and targets, adjusting the planning to the reality in the field.

  • Performing an intensive technical characterization to the system’s part, needed for upgrading.

  • Examination of alternatives, end equipment providers, establishment of a testing environment, technical aspects for connectivity between systems,

  • Backup systems and restoration after a crisis.